“Acta Humanitatis” is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open-access journal in theoretical and applied humanities and social studies. It was founded by the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw, Poland, and started publication in 2023. The journal publishes various works, including research articles, essays, research reports, teaching notes, and book/monograph reviews, significantly contributing to the humanities and social studies fields.
The journal is issued twice a year, in June and December, and is presented in English. It covers various topics under Education, Fine Arts and Humanities, and Social Sciences. Some specific areas of focus include second or foreign language learning and teaching, specialized education, vocational education and training, decorative arts and design, history (including Holocaust and Genocide studies), linguistics (such as corpus linguistics and historical linguistics), translation and interpreting (including AI and translation technologies), political science, psychology, and sociology.
“Acta Humanitatis” is characterized by its commitment to open access, ensuring that research is freely available to the public, thereby supporting a more significant global knowledge exchange. The journal’s full-text articles are accessible on its official website in the Archives section. The journal operates under a license, allowing for sharing and adapting the material and promoting a collaborative and open scholarly environment.
As a new journal established in 2023, “Acta Humanitatis” has already released its first issues and is in the process of registration with scientific databases, including ERIH+. This step is crucial for its recognition and indexing in the academic world, contributing to its accessibility and citation in scholarly works.
You can visit its official website here for more detailed information about the journal, its scope, and its publications.