Repository Policy

Repository Policy for Acta Humanitatis

1. Introduction

  • Objective: This policy outlines guidelines for archiving different versions of manuscripts in the Acta Humanitatis repository.

2. Definitions of Manuscript Versions

  • Submitted Version: The original version of the manuscript as submitted by the author(s) to the journal before peer-review.
  • Accepted Version (Author Accepted Manuscript): The version of the manuscript after peer review and revisions but before final publisher formatting and typesetting.
  • Published Version (Version of Record): The final, formatted version as published in the journal, including any copyediting and typographical refinements made by Acta Humanitatis.

3. Archiving Policy for Each Version

  • Submitted Version:
    • This version is not typically archived in the repository, reflecting the standard practice in academic publishing.
  • Accepted Version (Author Accepted Manuscript):
    • Authors are encouraged to archive this version after receiving confirmation of acceptance for publication.
    • An embargo period may apply, during which the manuscript cannot be made publicly available.
  • Published Version (Version of Record):
    • The final published version can be archived in the repository.
    • Acta Humanitatis grants authors the right to archive the published version immediately upon publication.

4. Copyright and Licensing

  • Authors retain copyright for the Submitted and Accepted Versions.
  • The Published Version is typically copyrighted by Acta Humanitatis, and its use in the repository is governed by the journal’s licensing terms.

5. Access and Use

  • All versions available in the repository are accessible to the public, adhering to the principles of open access.
  • The repository’s terms of use must respect the copyright and licensing agreements of each manuscript version.

6. Responsibilities of Authors

  • Authors must ensure compliance with the policy and are responsible for uploading the correct version of their manuscript.
  • Authors should clearly label each manuscript version to avoid confusion.

7. Digital Preservation

  • Acta Humanitatis commits to the digital preservation of all versions of manuscripts archived in the repository, ensuring long-term accessibility.

8. Policy Review and Amendments

  • This policy is subject to periodic review and amendment to align with evolving academic publishing standards and practices.

9. Contact and Queries

  • Provide contact details for any inquiries related to the repository policy.