Copyright Notice

Upon acceptance of an article, authors will be asked to complete a “Copyright Transfer Agreement” (CTA). This agreement considers the interests of the authors, the journal, and the broader scientific community. The key terms of the CTA are as follows:

  1. Copyright Transfer

The Author, at this moment, transfers to the Publisher the copyright in the work identified above, including the right to publish, reproduce, distribute, transmit, make available, or otherwise communicate the work to the public in all forms and media now known or hereafter developed, for the entire term of copyright that may exist on this work.

  1. Retained Rights

Notwithstanding the above, the Author retains the following rights:

  • To use the work in the Author’s future works (such as articles or books).
  • To reproduce the work for the Author’s personal use or company/institutional use.
  • To make the work available as part of a thesis or dissertation, provided that this is not published commercially.
  1. Warranties

The Author represents and warrants that:

  • The work is original and has not been published elsewhere.
  • The work does not infringe on any copyright, right to privacy, or any other rights of any person or entity.
  • The Author has obtained any necessary permissions to quote or reproduce material from other sources.
  1. Indemnification

The Author agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Publisher against any loss, expenses, damages, and costs, including attorney’s fees, due to the breach of the warranties outlined in this agreement.

  1. Author’s Rights for Scholarly Use

The Publisher grants back to the Author the right to use the work for scholarly purposes, including the right to:

  • Share print or electronic copies of the work with colleagues.
  • Present the work at conferences or meetings and distribute copies to the attendees.
  • Use the work in a subsequent compilation of the Author’s works or extend the work to book-length form.
  • Use the work in the Author’s teaching activities.
  1. Reversion of Rights

If the Publisher does not publish the work within Time Period of the date of this agreement, the rights granted shall revert to the Author.

  1. Acknowledgment of Publishing Rights

If the work is subsequently republished, the Author agrees to acknowledge first publication in Journal Name by the Publisher.