Procedure of Reviewing

Double Anonymous Peer Review Process for Acts Humanitatis:

  1. Anonymity of Authors: The identities of the authors are hidden from the reviewers. This is done to prevent any biases the reviewers might have based on the authors’ identities, affiliations, or previous work.
  2. Anonymity of Reviewers: Similarly, the identities of the peer reviewers are kept hidden from the authors. This encourages reviewers to provide honest and unbiased feedback without fear of retribution or personal conflict.

The procedure for reviewing an article in the Acta Humanitatis follows the following steps:

  1. Submission and Initial Check: Authors submit their manuscripts to Acts Humanitatis Journal via an e-mail: Initially, the editorial office checks the submission for completeness and adherence to the journal’s guidelines. Manuscripts that do not meet the basic requirements are returned to the authors for revision.
  2. Preparation for Review: The manuscript is anonymized to conceal the identity of the authors from the reviewers. This includes removing any identifying information from the document and metadata. This ensures the first level of anonymity, where the reviewers cannot identify the authors.
  3. Reviewer Selection: The editor-in-chief or a c0-editor-in-chief selects potential reviewers, who are experts in the field, ensuring there’s no conflict of interest. The reviewers’ identities are also concealed from the authors, establishing the second level of anonymity.
  4. Invitation to Review: Selected reviewers are invited to evaluate the manuscript without knowing the authors’ identities.
  5. Review Process: Reviewers assess the manuscript based on originality, methodological rigor, clarity, and contribution to the field. They provide detailed comments and recommendations: accept as is, minor revisions, major revisions, or reject.
  6. Editorial Decision: The editor reviews the feedback from the peer reviewers and makes a decision regarding the manuscript, which is communicated to the authors along with the anonymized comments.
  7. Revisions: If revisions are required, authors revise their manuscript addressing the reviewers’ comments. The revised manuscript may undergo further rounds of review, maintaining the double anonymity.
  8. Final Decision and Publication: Once the manuscript meets all the requirements and standards, the final decision of acceptance is made. The accepted manuscript then goes through the production process, including copyediting and formatting, before being published in the journal.