Volume 1 Issue 1 (2023)

  • Introduction to the Acta Humanitatis Interdisciplinary Journal Concept: New Paradigm in Humanities and Social Studies

    Tomasz Wierzchowski, Bozena Iwanowska, Yan Kapranov
    Download (PDF 374.3 KB)
  • The Legal Position of the Jewish Community During the Era of the Second Polish Republic

    Sara Aloe
    Download (PDF 448.63 KB)
  • Diachronic Interpretation of Phonological Processes in Vowel and Consonant Systems: Bomhard’s Nostratic Tree Phylogeny for *phaħ- (~ *phǝħ-)

    Bolesław Cieślik, Bozena Iwanowska, Yan Kapranov
    Download (PDF 1209.83 KB)
  • Fictional Discourse and Text vs. Fictional Interdiscourse and Intertext in Cognitive Linguistics: From Theory to Practice

    Dina Zhalko
    Download (PDF 563.52 KB)
  • Psycholinguistic Portrait of the Germans in Crises (Based on Computer-Processed Reactions During Free-Associative Experiment)

    Olesya Cherkhava
    Download (PDF 550.19 KB)
  • Issue of Punishing Corruption Crime: Model of Punitiveness

    Tomasz Wierzchowski
    Download (PDF 494.45 KB)