Volume 1 Issue 2 (2023)

  • The Comorbidity of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria as an Impediment in Foreign Language Learning

    Agnieszka Błaszczak
    Download (PDF 559.02 KB)
  • The Digital Geo-Mapping Database and Platform of Holocaust and Genocide Processes in Europe (1933–1945): Reference to the Resources from Belarus

    Bolesław Cieślik, Bozena Iwanowska, Yan Kapranov
    Download (PDF 1541.01 KB)
  • The Janus Face of Democracy and Populist Tendencies

    Anna Wierzchowska
    Download (PDF 486.26 KB)
  • Children and Juveniles on the Internet From the Victim's Perspective (Some Aspects of Addiction)

    Tomasz Wierzchowski
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  • Critical Review to: Cylkow, I. (2017). Księga Rut [The Book of Ruth]. In I. Cylkow (Ed.) Księgi Pięciu Megilot. Austeria.

    Sara Aloe
    Download (PDF 419.21 KB)